zondag 24 januari 2010

Another contest @ Tweakers.net.
This 2 week assignment was ''art''.
So i went out and shot the above photo. Edited in Capture NX2.
This is the result.
Shot info: iso 400 - 1/160 - f4 - 50mm

vrijdag 22 januari 2010

Usually i don't use flash. I did in this photo.
Result is quite nice in my opinion, detailed.
Also the DOF is ok.
So i am happy with the result.
The grip is being a great add on, also on this picture it was
on the camera and it won't be coming off soon i guess.
Shot info: iso 200 - f5.6 - 1/60 -105mm

woensdag 13 januari 2010

After my purchase of the grip i went to a place near my home to take some pictures of the deserted hospital. The sun was just starting to find it's way through the clouds.
So i aimed and shot the above picture.
I came home stone cold freezing fingers of, but this result made me smile!
Shot Info:
iso 200 - 1/640 - f14 - 105mm

Went to one of the local photography stores today. One i never visit for buying because its the most expensive in my city. But this MB-D80 grip was on sale i guess, cheapest i could find in, well the whole country ;)
Fitted the grip on the D90, damn its big, but what a good hold i have now on the D90.
In the near future aquire a second battery for more juice and it's complete.

dinsdag 12 januari 2010

Winter in Holland

Snow, Snow and even More Snow.
Seems Nature can't get enough this winter.
But for us photographers....
Nice shots to be taken, but beware snow and dslr's don't mix that good.
Snow gives a new way of taking pictures, metering is more difficult.
Shot info: iso 200 - 1/60 - f8 - 38mm

dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Panagor 135mm f2.8 MF / Nikon f-mount
Bought this Manual Focus trough Marktplaats for the small amount of 20 euro.

On the D90 i have to adjust everything, metering, diafragma is not a big problem. Manual focussing is the hard part.
The bokeh seems sweet, the CA is visable when @ 100% crop(only tested f2.8).
When i have something wich i think is a good picture from this lens i'll show it here.