woensdag 3 augustus 2011


New in the collection.
'Soligor Pre Set 300mm 1:5.5 m42'

Got it a a bargain price of marktplaats.
The roof is a test shot, here are the settings:
Taken @ iso 400 1/800th f5.5(wide open).
-CaptureNX --> set blackpoint, convert to nikon sRGB for jpeg.

Well it is a fun lens to have on the D90, it's kinda big wich makes it a bit shakey and needs fast shutterspeeds. But i think the wide open results shows a good sharpness. The bokeh is friendly too. The diaphragm is rounded.

Let's find out the usefullness of this lens in the future.

Grts, Peter

It fits!

The above picture is taken with a lens i had in my collection for a long time but never used it. It has an F-mount for Nikon with closed ears, so the internet tells me it will not fit on my D90 nor my F100.
Surprised to find on Gathering of Tweakers shots taken with the same lens on a D90.....
So i looked carefull and yes it fits....And thats a reason to be happy.
Well it is sharp at F2.8 and gives a great bokeh and is very easy to focus with.
The above picture shows the color rendition and sharpness and bokeh of this lens @ f4.

Grts, Peter