zaterdag 29 mei 2010


One more with the Vivitar 70-150 1:3.8.
Nice and warm and that bee was hungry!
Shot info: iso 200 - f8 - 1/200 - 150mm

zondag 23 mei 2010


Today i went to the forest with the 50mm 1.8D mounted.
I saw a picture of a forummember @ NCN wich gave me inspiration. I wanted Bokeh and a B&W maybe a bit tinted.
Above one of the results. More on Flickr.
Shot info: iso 200 - f1.8 - 1/400 - 50mm

zondag 16 mei 2010

Testing the Vivitar 70-150 1:3.8 part 2

Another one from the wide open test, only this day the sun was doing a better job.
Nice and red!
Shot info: iso 200 - f3.8 - 1/400 - 150mm

zaterdag 15 mei 2010

Testing the Vivitar 70-150 1:3.8

On the NCN forum we became curious about the wide open performance of the Vivitar 70-150 1:3.8 wich at least 2 of us use. Both a Kiron made version. After he went out and shot wide open he was a bit disappointed, but seems to be turning a bit after more testing. So i tried again today and was surprised.
Sure @ f8 it is way sharper but images are good after a bit of extra sharpening, but not that much after all.
Above is one of today! Judge for yourself.
Shot Info: iso 400 - f3.8 - 1/320 - 150mm

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

At the moment the Vivitar 75-205 1:3.8 is my favourite lens. At 205mm @ f8 it is sharp and gives a good soft bokeh and almost macro. I love it!!
Enjoy these 2 pictures! Both were taken in my loves garden at 5 'o' clock midday with a bit of sun on 29th of april.
Shot info: Both iso 200 - f8 - 205mm - above 1/250 beneath 1/320.

New toy.....

Bought myself this Coolpix s3000. Why?
Well its handy smalland usefull.
Off course you can't compare it to a dslr, but for snapshots it's good enough.