dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Mystical Rose

Taken with the Vivitar 70-150.
This rose was hanging down, the light fell in perfecty for a nice mystical dramatic shot.
Finishing touch with Capture NX 2
Shot info: iso200 - f8 - 1/640 - 150mm

zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Nikon F90x + MB-10 Grip.

Well, finally made time to take a picture of th F90x.
Excellent camera and it is in good shape!
Makes me wish for a Nikkor 20 or 24mm ai-s or af prime.
The lens mounted on it is a one with a great angle but not the sharpest.


vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Analogue results....

I borrowed my dad's Nikon F55, 2 rolls of film later i noticed i really enjoyed taking photo's the ''old'' way.
After seeing the first results(shop instead of usb connection) i decided i liked it so much i wanted an ''old'' camera wich could work together with my old ai and ai-s lenses(metering).
Nikon's F100 and F5 were easily found as great camera's but a bit to pricy. So looking further i noticed the ''Nikon F90x'' And so i was done, marktplaats helped my find a seller that gave me a price i could live with.
So first roll of film in the f90x, some old and one newer lens mounted i went out.
Above you can see 2 results.
I had the film developed at the 'Hema' a warehouse store. Also choose digitized on cd.
A bit disapointed with the quality of the scans i started editing them in Capture NX.
Shot Info:
1: Fuji Susperia x-tra 400, Vivitar 75-205 1:3.8
2: Fuji Susperia x-tra 400, Vivitar 24mm 1:2.8

It is wonderfull shooting like this, i will continue using the F90x besides my Digital D90.
For now the end, i'll take a shot at showing you my F90x.


maandag 14 juni 2010

Natures beautiful colors.....

Still having great fun with my MF AI lenses.
Above shots are edited with capture nx.
The first:

iso 400 - f8 - 1/320 - 150mm
@ my Dad's garden
Vivitar 70-150 1:3.8

The second:
iso 400 - f8 - 1/500 - 205mm
@ My Love's Garden
Vivitar 75-205 1:3.8