zaterdag 14 april 2012

Kiron on Analogue

The shot below is taken with my Kiron 105mm 1:2.8 macro on my Nikon F100.
Film used is Kodak Portra 160NC(expired 11-2011) and scanned with my Coolscan LS-40.
Post processing consists of sliding with levels and some USM.

grts, Peter

zondag 1 april 2012

Some chit chat...

Hi there.

Always wondering how many people really read this(1 comment thusfar since the start) i am gonna chit chat about last weeks.

Since i decided to start shooting my collection of 35mm film i am getting addicted to analogue again.
My test roll with the Sigma 15-30 was really a surprise, positively speaking. One picture that came out a did some post processing using silver efex2.


And also i like this one wich had been desaturated and a bit usm in PS.

Apeldoorn Canal..

Last week 2 flickr contacts Jorke and Willem and me went for a photo walk in Apeldoorn but we decided to change plans and go to the VSM in Beekbergen, nice old steamloc's and almost urbex wagon's. Pictures will follow.
We had a great day and it was easy getting to know eachother while doing our favourite thing!
Amazing nice gear off course.
There was a Mamiya 645 with 80mm a Nikon F5 with 15mm a Canon ae-1 with 1.4 50mm and my modest F100.

Thanks for a great day guys!!

As i am making this blog entry my scanner is busy, first the Kodak tmx b&w 100 asa wich is over date, i think the seller said 2006, but not 100%. Over date was a fact according to my 2 friends who said it looks old, the casing that is.
After that a roll of Porta 400NC will follow, also over date.

Today i decided to mount my Kiron 105mm on the F100 and make soms macro/close up from the tulips that are growing in my garden. Filled the F100 with Porta 160 NC wich is 2007 over date i guess.

Well, enough for now.

grts, Peter