donderdag 16 augustus 2012

zondag 5 augustus 2012

Some words...

Time to update once again, No pictures this time.
I am waiting for 4 rolls of film to be developed.
 Ilford 400 HP5
Fuji Superia 400 xtra
Kodak Portra 160nc.
All filled with my trustwordy Nikon F100 + 50mm 1.8d.
Kodak Color Gold 200, filled with my F601 and Pentacon 50mm m42.
Hope to begin scanning soon enough.
So, maybe find the time to add new stuff before, maybe not!


In the meantime the new lens has been fun, it is worth every penny off it.
Sure that pictures taken with it will be posted here.


Been playing with the Leica also, it is a very funny camera, love it.
A keeper defenitely.


I am thinking very long and hard what subjects i want to shoot with the on loan Mamiya 645.
Hope inpiration comes soon.

For now,
grts, Peter