zaterdag 19 december 2009

Sunset, a bit to late....

And there was the snow. Unfortunately i didnt have much time to grab the D90 and go into nature.
Today my workday ended at 15.45, so in the dark morning around 6.30 i grabbed my gear and left for work. The idea was to go to ''Hoog Buurlo'' after work.
First i went to my love first to talk for 10 minutes and than i left for nature.
As the above picture illustrates i was in time, but to late. On my trip to Hoog Buurlo i could see a great sky. The sky was 3 times more colorful than as you can see in the photo above, ah well.
I will try again in the near future. Also no snow in this picture. I shot photos for like 10 minutes of the sunset and my hands were freezing by than. It was -10 degrees in an open place in the wind, so not that nice for my fingers, i couldnt control the shutter after 10 minutes out there.
Shot Info: iso 200 - 1/200 - f8 - 50mm

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