vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Analogue results....

I borrowed my dad's Nikon F55, 2 rolls of film later i noticed i really enjoyed taking photo's the ''old'' way.
After seeing the first results(shop instead of usb connection) i decided i liked it so much i wanted an ''old'' camera wich could work together with my old ai and ai-s lenses(metering).
Nikon's F100 and F5 were easily found as great camera's but a bit to pricy. So looking further i noticed the ''Nikon F90x'' And so i was done, marktplaats helped my find a seller that gave me a price i could live with.
So first roll of film in the f90x, some old and one newer lens mounted i went out.
Above you can see 2 results.
I had the film developed at the 'Hema' a warehouse store. Also choose digitized on cd.
A bit disapointed with the quality of the scans i started editing them in Capture NX.
Shot Info:
1: Fuji Susperia x-tra 400, Vivitar 75-205 1:3.8
2: Fuji Susperia x-tra 400, Vivitar 24mm 1:2.8

It is wonderfull shooting like this, i will continue using the F90x besides my Digital D90.
For now the end, i'll take a shot at showing you my F90x.


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