zondag 13 februari 2011

Another Gift...!

The same colleague that gave me the agfa last week came with a new surprise last thursday.
She gave me a LowePro Nova Mini camera bag and said look inside.
I found this:

''Canos EOS 500n + BP8 and 28-80 4-5.6 + 80-200 4-5.6''

Complete with the manual and 2 old films. One 2002 and one 2003 as end time. Both 100asa.
The BP-8 still was filled with penlites wich were leaking. So i cleaned out the grip and fitted it with 4 fresh penlites and turned the camera on and it responded as it should.
Filled it with one of the 2 rolls of film en will fill this and get it developed.
A picture of the camera will follow soon.

Well THANX again!!

grts Peter.

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