vrijdag 27 juli 2012

My friend...


It has been a while since i posted here.
Holiday is over, went to germany, Cochem. maybe upload some pic's later on.
Visited a zoo, to bad light was really hard that day.
yesterday i went for a late shoot to ''Beekbergerwoud''
The above is a shot of my friend Remy. We had 20 minutes there and i made some nice shots!!


I have sold some stuff, 6 analogue camera's. I mostly shoot analogue with my F100 so the rest was just sitting in a box except for the F601 wich i did use wit a m42 lens attached. The buyer will pick it up in a couple of weeks.
What do i want. Well i am in search for a Nikon 80-200 1:2.8 D Push Pull version, the second af incarnation. I cannot effort the 2 ring versions nor the 70-200 vr versions. So it is the best deal and should blow my 70-210 1:4-5.6 away.

On loan i have a nice Mamiya 645 with 80mm 2.8. Comes with ae prism finder and waistlevel finder. Hell what a machine. In Cochem i was given Ilford xp2 400 asa 120 roll film(4 pieces), so firts shots are made.The film is 12-2004, so very expired! But for learning an test quite alright. I know what the machine can do because i met and follow the owner on Flickr and he now has a blog.
be nice and visit him and view his terrific work:


Well will post some work also soon, have loads to show so have to make a small selection.

grts, Peter

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